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Statement of Philosophy

Niina Marni!

Our vision
  • is to provide a high-quality play-based environment that is safe and nurturing, where each child’s agency is encouraged and fostered, and the magic of childhood is preserved
We value and celebrate
  • each child’s uniqueness as a learner and that they are given the time and space to be themselves.
  • secure and respectful relationships with children, strong partnerships with families and our community.
We recognise
  • families as their child’s first educator. We will collaborate with families to embrace and respect each family’s way of life and to develop cultural responsiveness within our community.
We will
  • provide a beautiful, safe and secure learning environment where children build their sense of belonging, being and becoming.
  • provide natural spaces and resources that connect children to their environment and work towards a sustainable future.

We are on Kaurna land and we acknowledge the Kaurna people as the first custodians of this land that we play and learn on. We aim to deepen our own understanding of Aboriginal perspectives with the children and work together to play our part in reconciliation.
We will take care of the land, and the people and the animals together.


At kindergarten we aim to help children:

  • Experience a supported and successful transition from home or child care to kindergarten and from kindergarten to school.
  • Feel safe and secure in a caring, exciting and challenging environment.
  • Develop confidence in new situations, to take risks and try new experiences.
  • Develop a positive image of themselves as powerful learners.
  • Be resilient with a growth mindset which sees mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • Develop skills in getting along with others and making new friends.
  • Learn co-operatively with others.
  • Learn sustainable practices and a sense of responsibility for the environment.
  • Build awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander histories and culture and contribute to Netherby Kindergartens implementation of reconciliation initiatives.
  • Learn from literacy, numeracy, science, musical and technological experiences.
  • Participate in learning experiences with time to explore, be curious, ask questions, hypothesise, experiment, problem solve, reflect and have fun while learning.

Educators work together to observe and reflect on children’s well-being, their relationships with children and adults, and their involvement in curriculum, and the active learning environment. Staff are continuously seeking to improve our pedagogy for deeper learning experiences and improved outcomes for each child.


Kindergarten offers a play-based curriculum which focuses on each individual child’s learning. The program is planned using Belonging, Being, Becoming, The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. Building strong relationships with and between the children and their families builds children’s confidence and sense of belonging.

Children are seen as competent and capable, and the curriculum is developed with the children to ensure that their questions and wonderings are explored, and their interests followed. The children are challenged to think deeply, to reflect on their learning and to strive for higher levels of skill and achievement.

The Learning Outcomes planned for are:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators.

There is a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, music, sustainability, as well as developing resilience and collaborative learning.

Governing Council

What is the role of the Governing Council?

  • Work with parents and staff to plan for improvements
  • Identify and direct centre goals
  • Maintain the facilities.

The Governing Council is elected each year in February and parents are encouraged to join the Council so they can participate in decisions which impact on their child’s education. Meetings are held twice each term.

The Governing Council has a role in decisions about the services provided at the centre, centre policies, financial management and fundraising, planning for facilities and resources, and the maintenance and improvement of building, grounds and equipment.

Governing Council members network with other parents and organize family activities and initiate parent meeting speakers.

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the program and the centre. Children’s learning involves a partnership between educators and parents. Parents are provided with copies of the program so that they are informed about their child’s learning, and parents are encouraged to make suggestions and to be involved in the kindergarten planning. The program is documented in displays in the centre and in children’s portfolios. Learning goals are established for each child at the beginning of the year and sent home with a feedback sheet for the parents and child to comment. This provides an opportunity for the parents to share their child’s learning. The feedback often provides insights into other experiences that children have with their families, and this links the learning at home and kindergarten.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with educators how they can be actively involved in their child’s learning at kindergarten. Parents can participate by contributing to the program in various ways for example by reading stories, leading a craft activity, playing musical instruments, singing with the children, joining in activities, cooking, demonstrating art techniques, sharing hobbies, assisting with set up and pack-up, listening and talking with children, assisting with gardening, helping with excursions, visiting to tell the children about their employment, involvement in fundraising, or by becoming a member of the Governing Council.


Staff welcome the opportunity to share each child’s learning with their parents. Your child’s individual learning folder provides a lovely opportunity to discuss and observe their learning and development. Parents are welcome to look at their child’s learning folder at any time.

At completion of your child’s year at kindergarten a Statement of Learning is prepared. A copy of the Statement of Learning is sent to the child’s school with the parent’s consent.

Program updates and notices are an important means of communication between the kindergarten and parents / caregivers. Each child has a pigeon hole, so please check this regularly for communications. As a part of our aim to implement sustainable practises, program updates are emailed to parents weekly.


Newsletters, notices and email are an important means of communication between the kindergarten and parents / caregivers. Each child has a pigeon hole, so please check this regularly for communications. Newsletters and notices are emailed to parents when addresses are supplied.

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Meet our Educators




Hi my name is Tahlia Grandison, I am the kindergarten Director.

I love taking my dog Boomer to the beach as well as going on holidays with my husband in our camper trailer. I love Pilates, spending time with friends and going out for coffee.

I am passionate about nature play, supporting children to love the outdoors. I am also passionate about supporting the children’s wellbeing, I understand that all children need to feel safe and secure before they can learn. Building strong trusting relationships with all children and their families is my priority.

I truly believe the kindergarten year is absolutely the best year. Kindergarten is fun, hands on, learning through play, getting messy in mud and other sensory experiences. It is full of outdoor challenges and our kindergarten program embraces our natural surroundings to its full potential. I am so honoured to be able to spend the year with you and your child.

I look forward to meeting you soon. smile



My name is Brett Gent, and I am very excited to be joining the wonderful team at Netherby Kindergarten. I have been working in education for over 20 years and will be celebrating 10 years within the Department for Education this year.

I am passionate about early childhood education and view this time as very special for children and families alike. Kindergarten is a magical time for children as they become more independent as they further develop their skills, knowledge and dispositions. I am very passionate about sustainability, community and wellbeing and look forward to sharing my knowledge to help care for our ourselves, each other our air, land and water.

I view all children as capable and competent learners, who come to Kindy with knowledge about their world in which they live. I work with children to follow their interest, strengths and skills and build on this through play.

I play guitar and have written many songs for children I am learning the Kaurna language and AUSLAN to help build children’s connections to culture and diversity. I enjoy the outdoors, love the beach and nature. This is the kindy for me!

I very much look forward to working with and alongside you and your child as we spend this special year playing and learning together.




My name is Emily I’m passionate about building relationships with the children I teach and nurturing their creativity and curiosity. My philosophy is centred around the belief that children learn best when they feel a sense of belonging and autonomy in their learning environment.

I‘m a firm believer in the power of musical learning, incorporating music and rhythm into my teaching in various ways, from singing and dancing to creating simple instruments out of everyday objects.

I am also a new mum and when I’m not at Kindy I care for my little boy, Henry, who will be turning 1 in August. We go for walks along the esplanade and meet up with other mums and bubs from my Church community, sharing the joys and challenges of motherhood with each other.

I look forward to getting to know you and your children and am honoured to be a part of their kindy year!




Hi, I’m Mika, and I’m a support worker at Netherby.

I’m originally from Japan but have been living in Adelaide for more than 20 years.

I have two children. I enjoy cooking for my family and in my spare time I like doing craft such as origami and card making.

I look forward to meeting you.




Hi I’m Liz, I’m an Early Childhood Educator at the kindergarten and also spend time undertaking administrative activities. You’ll find me in the office most of the time! I, also, work with the children from time to time and feel privileged to support their social, emotional and creative development. I changed careers to work at Netherby Kindergarten as I feel passionate about early years education and really enjoy the sense of community. I’m a mum to one daughter and two furbabies! I love the visual arts, walking our dogs in the local area, finding new places to eat out and I’m an avid reader and podcast listener.




Hi my name is Magali Thorez but everyone calls me Mags.

I am an Early Childhood Educator at Netherby. My background is French and I enjoy speaking French with the children at kindy. I am also passionate about children’s wellbeing and love watching them grow and progress during their year at kindy.

I live at home with my 2 children, my husband, our dog Fritz and our 4 chickens. My favourite thing in the world is spending time with my family, we love camping, hiking, bike riding and spending time in the garden.

Rosanna Carnevale Cantone

Rosanna Carnevale Cantone

Hi, my name is Rosanna, and I am one of the teachers here at Netherby Kindergarten.

Outside of Kindy my husband and I are blessed with two beautiful children and enjoy playing and watching sports, travelling, cooking, and eating together, going on bike rides and having fun.

I changed career paths after having my two children and chose early childhood teaching as I am passionate about helping children to explore, imagine and play. I believe that Kindy is such a magical year, and I couldn’t think of a better place to be able to have fun, get messy, play, and grow.

I look forward to meeting you and your precious children and working with them to learn and discover together.

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