Netherby KindergartenNetherby Kindergarten

Annual Art Exhibition

Each year the kindergarten holds an Art Show. We seek the support of a parent who works with the children to introduce new skills and art techniques. In 2013 an oils artist worked with the children representing autumn leaves on canvases, and in 2014 a father introduced fractal art giving each child had the opportunity to create an individual piece of fractal art, working on a computer to generate their design in their chosen colour palette.

In 2015 an art teacher worked with the children using porcelain clay, and each child created and decorated a pot in which they planted their choice of succulents, as well as creating a clay medallion making impressions and patterns using native plants. Each child developed their portrait drawing techniques by practicing drawing themselves, noticing elements which could also be included, and enhancing their drawing with further detail. In addition each child created a canvas painting and the story each child told while painting was printed and displayed with their work.

This family event celebrates the children’s self-expression, as families gather for pizza and soup, and children their share their kindergarten with their families and the community.